Electrical System Inspection

To help determine areas of concern and uncover potential hazards in a home’s electrical system, Jam Home Inspection evaluates the condition of existing components. A comprehensive electrical inspection ensures that your home meets or exceeds the minimum safety standards and should be done when buying or selling a home, anytime that electrical work has been done, and after major storms. Damage and / or flooding from storms can affect the electrical system.


Although not required to be updated in previously built homes, Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCI) are required in all new construction, as they dramatically increase safety in your home. Upgrading bedroom outlets and receptacles is a good idea for all homeowners to help protect against the danger of a house fire.
AFCIs differ from Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs), as an AFCI protects against fires from arcing faults that occur in damaged electrical wire or cords, while a GFCI protects against electrocution from current imbalance in the device connected to the GFCI. AFCIs are required in nearly all new indoor living spaces other than bathrooms, while GFCIs are required in bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens, crawl spaces, garages, and other areas, including outdoors. Our inspectors evaluate both AFCIs and GFCIs.

Jam Home Inspection’s electrical system evaluation assesses the condition of the following:

    • Amperage and voltage rating of electrical service
    • Conductors
    • Interior components of all service panels
    • Lighting fixtures, switches, and receptacles
    • Main service equipment and main disconnects
    • Over-current protection devices
    • Service entrance conductors, drip loop, cables, and raceways
    • Service grounding
    • Types and methods of wiring
A comprehensive analysis of your home’s electrical system allows our certified inspectors to accurately report its overall condition. After our inspection, you receive a detailed report of all installed systems for your insurance company.

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