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A home inspection is a professional assessment of the condition of a home’s structural and mechanical components, accompanied by a written report and often photos as well. Prior to beginning a home inspection, our home inspectors detail the scope of work indicating exactly what is and is not included in the inspection based on client’s needs. The home inspection report can then be used in the real estate sales process to help the buyer and seller make informed decisions about the state of the home and the purchase price. It can also be used to aid insurance underwriters in the decision to provide insurance coverage and calculating risks to determine premiums.

Buying a home is likely the biggest investment you will make in your lifetime. To protect your investment, a home inspection is important, as it uncovers structural and mechanical concerns that should be disclosed to you before buying. Mortgage companies and insurance companies often require home inspections before purchase or providing coverage.

Home inspection costs vary based on your home location, the local market, and scope of work performed. Jam Home Inspection offers upfront pricing in an inspection agreement, so you know exactly how much your report will cost before you commit to service.

It is in your best interest to be present during a home inspection to help you gain a better understanding of the mechanical and structural condition of the house.

Not all home inspectors have completed the proper training to properly perform accurate home inspections. Our inspectors are members of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors and is a Certified Professional Inspector, having completed rigorous training in areas including (but not limited to) electrical inspection, plumbing inspection, HVAC inspection, indoor air quality inspection, moisture intrusion inspection, chimney inspection, and crawl space inspection. We are covered by the Honor Guarantee of the InterNACHI and provides all clients with information on the standards of practice we follow.

The length of time a home inspection takes varies greatly depending on the location, size, and age of the home, as well as type of inspection(s) being performed. You can typically plan to set aside several hours for your inspection, though it may take longer. We do our best to provide an accurate estimate once we have evaluated the site.

After an offer has been made and accepted is the best time to schedule the home inspection. It is essential to schedule your home inspection prior to your closing date, so that any issues detected can be addressed.

Some issues that arise may be minor and easily repaired. In that event, the seller will typically make the necessary changes and you can request a re-inspection to ensure everything is done to the buyer’s liking. In the event of major issues, such as a leaky roof, electrical wiring issues, or termites, it is up to the buyers and sellers to come to an agreement on how these problems will be addressed. This may be done in price negotiations, or if an agreement cannot be reached, the sales contract may be voided.

To avoid any conflicts of interest, you should not hire a home inspector who is also a general contractor. According to InterNACHI’s Code of Ethics:

“The InterNACHI member shall not perform or offer to perform, for an additional fee, any repairs or associated services to the structure for which the member or member’s company has prepared a home inspection report for a period of 12 months. This provision shall not include services to components and/or systems that are not included in the InterNACHI Standards of Practice.

“If an inspector financially benefits from finding any defects, this can impact the accuracy of the report (whether intentional or not). Make sure the inspector you hire abides by a Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.”

As Certified Professional Inspectors by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI), we do not offer home repair.

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