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One of the most critical components of the home is a roof. The typical lifespan of a roof can be as long as 50 years but in Florida it is only about 20 to 25 years due to the severe climate. South Florida is a very harsh environment on roofs and many just don’t last. Additionally, poor installation or poor quality material can significantly reduce the length of time your roof lasts even further.

Roof integrity is critical. Jam Home Inspection roof inspections are designed to ensure that a homebuyer does not end up with unexpected expenses due to any damage or default of a roof. A roof system inspection determines whether the roof is appropriate and complete shelter for the home, taking into account materials, waterproofing, and proper design. The shape of your roof is very important when building a home, as it is the structure’s first defense against strong winds and other storm hazards.

A homeowner may have a roof inspection performed after hiring a roofing contractor to complete work. This inspection helps to protect your investment as a homeowner, ensuring that proper craftsmanship was performed and quality materials were used.

A comprehensive roof system inspection by our licensed home inspectors includes a report on the following:

  • Age of roof, predominant and secondary
  • Covering material
  • Dates of roofing permits and updates
  • Evidence of leaks
  • Overall condition
  • Estimate remaining useful life
  • Roof replacement details
  • Visible signs of damage and / or deterioration,
  • including but not limited to:
    • Cracking
    • Cupping / curling
    • Excessive granule loss
    • Exposed asphalt or felt
    • Missing / loose / cracked tabs or tiles
    • Soft spots in decking
    • Visible hail damage

Your report will also be accompanied by photographic evidence from our licensed inspectors of the shape of the roof that accurately depict its overall condition.

For a thorough roof system inspection, trust the licensed home inspectors at Jam

Our skilled, dependable, detailed home inspectors work around your schedule. Call us at 561-331-3038 today to schedule your roof inspection in Boynton Beach or other South Florida community.

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