Wind Mitigation

Wind Mitigation Inspection

Living in South Florida, wind mitigation additions such as roof covering, age, method of attachment, geometry and hurricane impact products including windows and doors are essential to protecting your home in the event of a damaging storm. Just one strong storm, even a Category 1 hurricane, has the potential to financially devastate someone without proper safety features, which is why this inspection is now required in the underwriting process.

For new construction, the shape of your roof is very important, as it is your home’s first defense against storm hazards like strong winds. A roof shape with at least 90% of the perimeter hipped is required for a wind mitigation maximum discount on your homeowner’s policy. After construction, your home’s roof shape is not easily changed, but it can be done so that you qualify for proper (and more affordable) insurance coverage. Up to 70% of your homeowner’s insurance premium provides wind insurance, so the greater protections you have in place, the better.

Updating your roof on existing construction, as well as windows, doors, garage doors, and shutters will help you receive the greatest possible discounts on your home insurance policy, as much as 80% in many cases. Jam Home Inspection provides wind mitigation inspections to submit to insurance companies, detailing which storm safety add-ons have been installed to protect against common storm dangers.

During a wind mitigation inspection, our home inspectors check for the following:

  • Building code compliance
  • Opening protection
  • Roof covering type
  • Roof deck attachment
  • Roof geometry
  • Roof to wall attachment
  • Secondary water resistance
A thorough review of these points allows our licensed home inspectors to accurately assess the condition of your structure. After an inspection, you receive a detailed report for your insurance company.

Trust Jam’s home inspectors for an accurate wind mitigation report.

Our experienced, professional home inspectors provide homeowners with an affordable, comprehensive assessment of wind mitigation features. Call us at 561-331-3038 today to schedule your wind mitigation inspection in Boynton Beach or other South Florida community.

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